St. Patrick’s Catholic Primary Academy has joined the government’s National School Breakfast Programme (NSBP) Covid reponse offer, which is being delivered by the charities Family Action and Magic Breakfast, to ensure that all our children start the day with a nutritious breakfast.

The concept behind the Government funded scheme is to ensure that all children have had a healthy breakfast prior to commencing their learning, giving them a settled start to the day. There is a significant amount of research showing a positive link between children having breakfast and improved learning outcomes compared to those that do not eat before school.

Due to the current pandemic and rise in the ‘R’ rate, our plan is to send a breakfast parcel home with your child so they can safely eat a nutritional breakfast before they arrive at school.

Each child will receive a bag of bagels and/or a box of cereals depending on availability. Children will receive their breakfast parcel fortnightly up until the end of March. If pupils or groups of pupils are self-isolating, we will arrange for each breakfast parcel to be delivered to houses or arrange collection opportunities for families.

The scheme is free to all children – we just simply ask that you take this opportunity to encourage your child to eat this healthy breakfast each day before coming to school.