A saint is a person just like you and me that God gave them special graces to in order for them to do special things. All the saints were holy men and women. Some of the saints could work miracles, some could heal, some had the ability to be in two places at once. God knew these people, as He knows us, and gave them these abilities because God knew these people would do His Will.

Each class at St. Patrick’s has a dedicated saint. The children will learn about the Saints life, why they are a good role model and how through their example, we might become closer to Christ ourselves. We will also be asking these saints for their intercessions during our own collective worship.


Nursery and Reception: Saint Francis of Assisi

Feast Day: 4th October

As our children begin our school, they will learn about Francis of Assisi. Saint Francis is one of the most well-known saints of the Roman Catholic Church. He is one of the patron saints of Italy. He founded an order, or group, of monks called the Franciscans. The Franciscan order is one of the largest orders in the Roman Catholic Church. Saint Francis was known for his love of nature, particularly his love of animals.

St Franicis … Pray for Us.

Year 1: Saint Teresa of Calcutta

Feast Day: 5th September
St Teresa lived between 1910 – 1997. She devoted her life to caring for the sick and poor. She was known to many as Mother Teresa, and her work was recognised not only by the Roman Catholic church, but by the world, too. In Year 1, we will learn about how we can live out the virtues in the ways St Teresa did, by helping our fellow man.
St Teresa … Pray for Us.

Year 2: Saint Christopher

Feast Day: 25th July 
Christopher’s name means “Christ-bearer”. His story tells that he carried a child, who was unknown to him, across a river before the child revealed himself as Christ. He is therefore, the patron saint of travellers. Year 2 will learn that on our journeys in life, we can rely on God and the prayers of the saints.
St Christopher … Pray for Us.

Year 3: Saint Oscar Romero

Feast Day: 24th March

Oscar Romero was Archbishop of San Salvador. He embraced a simple lifestyle; he was a popular preacher who responded with real compassion to the poor. He gave dedicated pastoral service to the diocese of San Miguel for 25 years and became a fierce advocate for human rights. He spoke up repeatedly for the voiceless, listening to the stories of the poor and establishing aid projects and pastoral programs to support the victims of violence.

St. Romero … Pray for Us.

Year 4: Saint Bernadette of Lou

Feast Day: 16th April

Saint Bernadette was born into a very poor family. She had a pleasant personality, very poor health, and bad asthma. Bernadette helped her mother around the house and helped to take care of her siblings. As a young teenager, she had a series of visions of the Virgin Mary in the Massabielle grotto, ultimately leading to the founding of the shrine of Lourdes.

St. Bernadette … Pray for Us.

Year 5: Saint Clare of Assisi

Feast Day: 11th August

Born into a noble family, Clare of Assisi was expected to have an advantageous marriage, but instead, she was called to God after hearing Saint Francis preach. She left her family, cut off her long hair and gave up her wealth in order to embrace a religious life.

St Clare … Pray for Us.

Year 6: Saint Maximilian Kolbe

Feast Day: 14th August 
Maximilian Kolbe was a Polish Priest who lived during the Second World War. During this time, the Nazis were rounding up Jewish people and taking them to concentration camps. Here they made them work, starved them, tortured them and eventually killed them.

Kolbe used his Church to shelter 2000 Jews from the Nazis and ran his own pirate radio station speaking out against the Nazis. On 17 February 1941 he was arrested by the German Secret Police and sent to a concentration camp – Auschwitz – as prisoner #16670.

St Kolbe … Pray for Us.


Please view the children’s Class Saints work here!