When joining St. Patrick’s, each child also becomes a member of one of our four house groups.


St Patrick’s House

Mrs Mulrooney
Mrs Ryan
Mr Magee
Mrs Trujols-Vilahur
Mrs Cox
Mrs McConnell
Mrs Wilcox
House Captains
Conner and Piper

St David’s House

Mrs Connor
Miss Devi
Mrs Manning
Mrs Dhillon
Mrs Mason
Mrs Wickson
Mrs Price
House Captains
Brian and Molly

St Andrew’s House

Mrs Williams
Mrs Nicholls
Mrs Crawford
Mr Khan
Mrs Grandison
Mrs Vickers
Mrs Davies
House Captains
Liam and Noya

St George’s House

Mrs Mincher
Mrs Miller
Mrs Reynolds
Mrs Grimstead
Mrs Caulfield
Mrs Simmonds
Mrs Allen
House Captains
Destiny and Liam


Belonging to a house encourages team spirit with everyone working together and the older children supporting the younger ones. It develops a greater sense of identity and belonging to our school community as our children remain in these houses from Reception to Year 6. Children across the Key Stages work hard to gain house points for good work and good behaviour. They also have sporting competitions between the house groups.