Every child and staff member at St. Patrick’s are part of a school house team. We often use the house teams when grouping children for different activities and for sporting competitions.

We recognise the importance and value of House Captains in supporting the St. Patrick’s family. These key roles are ones of privilege and responsibility that require the children to be dedicated and organised and set a positive example to all children throughout the school.

Some of the key responsibilities of our House Captains include:

  • To be a role model in terms of attitude, attendance, behaviour, manners and appearance to all members of the St. Patrick’s family.
  • To liaise with other House Captains and members of their team.
  • To help organise and support House activities including competitions.
  • To support and model positive behaviour after collective worship and around the school.
  • To wear the House Captain’s badge with pride.

In keeping with British democracy, the selection process for all candidates is to put their name forward as an expression of interest. They then present a speech to the whole school and a democratic vote will take place. This year the quality shown by all candidates was exceptional and it was a privilege to be part of this process.

Meet the House Captains for 2023/2024:

St. George’s

St. Patrick’s

St. Andrew’s

St. David’s